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Tel Aviv Airport - All Information on Tel Aviv Airport (TLV)

Ben Gurion Airport (TLV) Ben Gurion Airport (TLV)

Ben Gurion Airport

P.O. Box 137, Ben-Gurion Airport, 7015001, Israel
+972 3-972-3333
03-9771150 (Lost + Found)
Tel Aviv Airport - All Information on Tel Aviv Airport (TLV)

Ben Gurion Airport, known as Tel Aviv Airport (IATA: TLV), is Israel's primary international airport. It is the country's busiest airport, located on the northern outskirts of Lod or about 20 kilometers to the southeast of Tel Aviv.

This airport was initially known as Lod Airport until 1973, when it was changed to honor Israel's first prime minister, David Ben-Gurion. El Al, Israir, Arkia, and Sun d'Or use this airport as a central hub. The Israel Airports Authority is responsible for its operation.

Regarding passenger satisfaction and safety, Tel Aviv Airport is consistently ranked as one of the top five airports in the Middle East. It has been the focus of multiple terrorist strikes during the period. For the record, no hijacking attempt has ever been successful on a flight leaving from Tel Aviv.

Since it's one of the few accessible entry points, the airport is crucial to Israel. You can drive there or use the bus to get there. The airport is serviced by Israel Railways, which provides train service to several cities. Cab stands can be found just outside the terminal's arrivals area.

Transfer Services at Tel Aviv Airport

At Tel Aviv Airport, ground transportation options include taxis, shuttle services, public transportation, and trains. Although the public transportation system is dependable, newcomers may need more clarification. Although readily available, taxis might be pricey. Private shuttles are more pleasant, although they might only run during certain hours.

The following advice should be kept in mind while picking a ground transportation provider in Tel Aviv, Israel:

  • Verify the business's insurance and license status.
  • Ask friends and family who have used comparable services for recommendations.
  • Compare prices from various industries before making a choice.
  • To determine the quality of a company's service, read online reviews of other businesses.

Rental Car Services at Tel Aviv Airport

At the Tel Aviv Airport, there are many rental car options. Next to Terminal 1 is the Car Rental Complex, where the rental desk is located. Please follow the signs to the rental facilities at Terminal 3's parking lot G.

They are all easily discoverable online or at the airport. You can make a reservation for a rental car right now, which is the best approach to receiving a fantastic rate. Let's say you're searching for a specific item, like premium vehicles or SUVs. In that case, making a direct reservation with one of our car rental choices is recommended. See and compare all rental car companies at Tel Aviv Airport.

Taxi Services at Tel Aviv Airport

Regular taxis, limousines, exclusive shuttle services, Sherut "shared" door-to-door taxi vans, and conventional taxis are available at the airport. When there is no train service on Shabbat, a shared shuttle service is offered between the airport and hotels in Tel Aviv.

From Tel Aviv Airport, travel to the city center in just 14 minutes. To avoid potential scams, only use authorized cabs. To ensure that they are dropped off at the correct airport, passengers are urged to find out in advance which terminal they depart from. See more information about taxis at Tel Aviv Airport.

Trains at Tel Aviv Airport

Israel Railways operates the Ben Gurion Airport Railway Station, located on the lower level of Terminal 3. Passengers from this station can travel northwest to Tel Aviv, Haifa, and other northern destinations or southeast to Modi'in and Jerusalem. More information about train services near Tel Aviv Airport.

The journey to Tel Aviv Savidor Central railway station takes about 18 minutes. The journey from Navon station to Yitzhak in Jerusalem takes about 25 minutes. Trains departing and arriving at the airport early in the morning and late at night make stops at Beersheba Center via Lod, Ashkelon, and a few other cities.

Bus Services at Tel Aviv Airport

There are various ways to get into town from the airport, around 20 kilometers away. The most common option is to take a bus. Bus services, including Egged, Kavim, Metropoline, and Afikim, all travel from the airport to different areas of Tel Aviv. More information about buses to and from Tel Aviv Airport.

Hotel Shuttle Services at Tel Aviv Airport

There are a few options for shuttle services if you need to get to your hotel after arriving at Tel Aviv's airport. Several businesses provide door-to-door services, or you can take a bus.

Taking a door-to-door shuttle is the most practical choice. You can rely on these businesses to pick you up at the airport and deliver you to your hotel. These services are typically charged per person, making traveling in groups more affordable. You can also take a public bus from the airport to Tel Aviv.

Please visit our hotel page to find out if your hotel offers this service.

Rideshare Services at Tel Aviv Airport

Tel Aviv Airport offers Uber service. Passengers are recommended to download the smartphone application to use such a service.

Parking Services at Tel Aviv Airport

There are possibilities for short-term and long-term parking at the Tel Aviv Airport. Terminal 1 Parking and Terminal 3 Parking are the airport's primary parking garages. Both parking lots include a range of amenities, such as covered parking and spots for the disabled.

For further information, please visit our parking page.

Other Services at Tel Aviv Airport

Other facilities available at Tel Aviv Airport include an array of restaurants, cafes, bars, and duty-free shopping. The airport also offers business travelers a wide range of services, including executive lounges, conference rooms, and business centers. The airport offers various other services, such as baggage storage, car rental, and currency exchange.

Disabled Passengers at Tel Aviv Airport

Tel Aviv Airport has provided several improvements to make it more accessible for those with disabilities, including installing lifts and wheelchair-accessible toilets. Accessible parking is also offered at the facility.

Wi-Fi at Tel Aviv Airport

Free Wi-Fi is available at Tel Aviv Airport. You can connect to the "Netvision" network.

Baggage Claim at Tel Aviv Airport

After you have collected your luggage at the designated area at the ground level of the Arrivals Hall, proceed to the exit of the Baggage Claim area. All passengers exiting the terminal building must pass through a security check.

Information Desk at Tel Aviv Airport

The information desk at Tel Aviv airport is an excellent resource for travelers. The staff is accommodating and can provide you with all the information you need about your flight, including departure times and arrival times. They can also help you with any other questions about your travel plans.

Smoking at Tel Aviv Airport

Smoking is not allowed inside the terminal at Tel Aviv Airport. There are designated smoking areas outside, and smokers must use these. Some several cafes and restaurants have outdoor seating where smoking is permitted.

Lost and Found Section at Tel Aviv Airport

Please proceed to the Lost and Found section if you have lost or found an item at the airport. The friendly staff will be happy to assist you in finding or returning your lost item.

Restrooms at Tel Aviv Airport

Restrooms at Tel Aviv Airport are well-kept and offer plenty of space for travelers with disabilities. The airport also has an impressive variety of shopping and dining options and a wide range of amenities for business travelers.

Nursing Mothers Station at Tel Aviv Airport

A new nursing mothers station has been set up at Tel Aviv's Ben Gurion Airport, offering a private and comfortable space for mothers to breastfeed or pump milk.

The facility is in Terminal 3 and includes a changing table, sink, armchair, power outlet, and a small fridge for storing milk. The airport also has a family waiting area with children's play equipment.

ATMs at Tel Aviv Airport

Should you need to get cash out upon arrival, there are a few banks to choose from, so finding an ATM should be easy. Look for signs that say "ATM" or "Cash Machine." If you need assistance, plenty of airport staff members and volunteers would be happy to help you.

Currency Exchange at Tel Aviv Airport

When you arrive at Tel Aviv Airport, you can change your currency at the foreign exchange office. The office is in Terminal 3. You can also use one of the many ATMs throughout the airport.

Food and Beverages at Tel Aviv Airport

Whether you're looking for a quick snack or a sit-down meal, Tel Aviv Airport has plenty of options. There are fast food chains like McDonald's and Burger King and more casual places like cafes and sandwich shops. Several restaurants serve Israeli and international cuisine if you're looking for something more substantial.

Shopping at Tel Aviv Airport

Shopping at Tel Aviv Airport is a unique and enjoyable experience. There is a wide variety of shops, from high-end designer stores to more affordable souvenir shops. The airport also has several restaurants, cafes, and bars, so you can relax and enjoy your shopping experience.

Pet Relief at Tel Aviv Airport

Looking for a place to relieve your pet at Tel Aviv Airport? Look beyond the Pet Relief Area in Terminal 3 near Gate 12. This convenient spot is perfect for taking care of your animal before or after your flight.

Ticketing Services at Tel Aviv Airport

Tel Aviv Airport offers a wide range of ticketing services to make travel planning easy and convenient. The airport covers you whether you're looking for domestic or international flights. You can search for flights online or speak to one of the customer service representatives at the airport to find the best deals.

History of Tel Aviv Airport

Initially, the airfield served as a dirt airstrip on the fringes of Lydda (now Lod), close to the Templer colony of Wilhelma, during the British Mandate for Palestine. The firm Airwork Services was instrumental in the 1934 construction of the structure.

Service to Lydda was maintained during World War II by Imperial Airways and afterward by British Overseas Airways Corporation until the fall of France in June 1940. KLM shortened its route to Batavia, with Lydda now serving as the eastern trail's end, as the Japanese troops marched into Burma and Malaya in February 1942. In May of 1940, Misr Airwork, which had grounded its planes when the United Kingdom declared war, began flying once more between Cairo and Lydda, and Nicosia.

The airport was renamed "RAF Station Lydda" in 1943 and continued to be a significant airfield for military air transport and aircraft ferry operations between European, African, Middle Eastern (primarily Iraqi and Persian), and South/Southeast Asian locations. Aviron Aviation Company began operating four times weekly between Lydda and Haifa in 1944 when the German danger in the Middle East had diminished.

TWA established the first commercial transatlantic flight between New York City and Lydda Airport in 1946. After April 1948, the British handed over control of the airport. Although Palestinian attacks on Tel Aviv Airport have occurred, the airport has taken extensive security measures to prevent any hijackings of flights out of the airport.

About Tel Aviv, Israel

Known colloquially as Gush Dan, the Tel Aviv metropolitan region is a sprawling urban center in southwestern Israel near the country's Mediterranean coast. Gush Dan is a term without a universally accepted definition.

Despite this, the phrase is regularly employed by public and governmental institutions. It might comprise anything from the area around Tel Aviv to the whole Central District or even the entire Metropolitan Area of Tel Aviv, including a tiny part of the Southern District.

Jewish immigration from Europe swelled the city's numbers in the following decades; by the time Israel achieved independence in 1948, its population had grown to 230,000 from a low of 150,000 in 1934. Petah Tikva was formed in 1878, Rishon LeZion in 1882, Ness Ziona in 1883, and Rehovot in 1890; these and most other Gush Dan cities were founded before 1948, when Israel was formally established as a nation-state.

In 1947, the Gush Dan was home to most of the Mandate Palestine's Jewish population of about 400 thousand. Therefore, most of it was allocated to the Jewish state under the 1947 United Nations Partition Plan for Palestine.

Haifa, in the country's north, served as the country's lone port. The growth of its surrounding metro region made it just as important as Tel Aviv. Meanwhile, the new government aimed to move people out of densely populated areas like Gush Dan and toward the country's borders.

Israel's financial hub is in the Gush Dan. Because of its many bustling commercial districts, it is mainly responsible for the nation's economic success. Ramat Gan, Israel, in the Tel Aviv District, is home to the Diamond Exchange District, a diamond district and commercial center. This town is the nerve core of Israel's diamond trade and a vital economic engine.

There are several other significant structures in the area as well. At 235 meters, Moshe Aviv Tower is the second-tallest structure in Israel. Ayalon Tower and the Gibor Sports House are other prominent nearby structures. A pedestrian bridge links the area to Tel Aviv's Central train station. Also nearby is the Harry Oppenheimer Diamond Museum, which features replicas of legendary stones.

Weather in Tel Aviv, Israel

Long, hot, humid, dry, and clear summers and cold, mainly clear winters characterize the weather of Tel Aviv. Annually, the temperature rarely drops below 44 degrees or rises beyond 89 degrees, averaging between 49 and 87 degrees.

Visitors should come between June and October to enjoy Tel Aviv's warm weather attractions to their fullest. From June to October, the high temperature is typically above 82 degrees Fahrenheit daily during the hot season. In Tel Aviv, the average temperature ranges from 86 degrees Fahrenheit in August to 75 degrees Fahrenheit at night, making this the hottest month of the year.

From December to March, the average daily high is below 68 degrees Fahrenheit, making this the chilly season. The average high for January is 63 degrees Fahrenheit, while the low is only 50 degrees. This is the coldest month of the year in Tel Aviv. When liquid or liquid-equivalent precipitation amounts to at least 0.04 inches, we call it a "wet day." Daytime precipitation probabilities in Tel Aviv shift throughout the year.

There is a higher than 13% probability of rain on any given day during the wetter season, lasting for around five months, from November to March. Seven days in January see at least 0.04 inches of precipitation, making it the wettest month in Tel Aviv.

From March through November, the weather is drier than usual. July is the driest month in Tel Aviv, with an average of 0 days receiving at least 0.04 inches of precipitation.

Humidity levels in Tel Aviv fluctuate wildly throughout the year. From May till October, the humidity levels tend to be higher than usual. For about a quarter of this period, the temperature and humidity are high enough to make life uncomfortable. August in Tel Aviv is the muggiest month.

Useful Contact Details in Tel Aviv, Israel

  • If you're planning a trip to Israel, there are a few things to keep in mind:
  • Israel is relatively small, so it's easy to get around.
  • The weather can be hot and humid, so pack accordingly.
  • Israelis are generally friendly and welcoming, so don't be afraid to discuss with someone.
  • There's plenty to see and do in Israel, so take your time and enjoy everything the country offers.

Suppose you are in Israel and need to contact the police or medical emergency services. In that case, you can dial 100 for the police and 101 for medical emergencies.


Tel Aviv Sourasky Medical Center-Ichilov Hospital

Address: 6 Weizmann Street Tel-Aviv Israel, 64239

Phone: +972-3-6973511 / +972524266576


Tel Aviv Police Station

Address: Jabotinsky 122, Ramat Gan

Phone: +972 03-6104444

Tel Aviv Airport Contacts

Address: P.O. Box 137, Ben-Gurion Airport, 7015001, Israel

General Phone: +972 3-972-3333

Lost and Found Phone: 03-9771150

Information Desk: 03-9723333

Official website:

Local Information

Drive on: Right

Electricity: 230V/50 Hz.

Plug: C, H

Currency: New Israeli Shekel, NIS

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